What Minecraft-Like Games are There?

Dragon Quest Builders Minecraft

Minecraft has become one of the flagship games in the sandbox world. However, it is also a reality that is not the only one. That’s why in this article we’ll give a list by way of explanation about which games similar to Minecraft exist and what are their main similarities, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start!

1) Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders Minecraft

Those who once enjoyed the Dragon Quest saga will surely be interested in this installment. It’s a kind of indirect spin off, but set in blocks, although much less pixelated than Minecraft and with a resolution well above average. Anyway, it still has a certain essence of the game, in the sense that you also have to look for materials and build buildings.

It’s a construction game that has RPG features and was recently released on today’s most popular platforms, such as Nintentdo Switch and PlayStation 4. This game takes place in the mythical town of Alefarg, where the adventures of the original Dragon Quest begin.

2) Mini World

Mini World Minecraft

The next on the list is possibly the closest game to MInecraft of all. At least in terms of graphics, of course. Mini World is a game that combines the exploration mode of classic Minecraft and the adventure of any high level platform game saga.

It’s a pretty interesting story that can vary according to the decisions you make and a path that is mapped out by the player himself. This is a caricatured 3D world, but with very good resolution. It has many mechanics similar to the classic geometric game and brings as a bonus, different alternate mini-games that can become an unforgettable and innovative experience.

3) LEGO Worlds

Lego Worlds Minecraft

It’s no secret that, for years, Minecraft has been compared to the LEGO sagas. And although in detail, they are different, it is a fact that there are also great similarities. That’s why, in the 2020 issue of LEGO Worlds, fans from the world of construction and adventure joined the game.

With its own blocks and a slightly more limited construction, this new version consists of a completely open world that allows for thoughtful, prefabricated works to be carried out at will. In addition, it is important to note that whatever you create, you can use it to solve the missions within the game. This release is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (on Steam).

4) Cube World

Cube Worlds Minecraft

Have you ever imagined a game completely oriented to wizards and dungeons, but in pure Minecraft style? Your response was most likely positive. However, imagining it sometimes isn’t enough. That’s why they created Cube World. This is an adventure of dungeons, big scary monsters and a very good experience with a variety of races and modes. Also, it is noteworthy that this game is a little more focused on combat. But, still, it doesn’t lose the fun essence.

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The Best Survival Games For Minecraft

Stoneland Minecraft

Nowadays, it’s hard to decide which are the best survival games for Minecraft. This is a mode that has become the most popular in recent years and is certainly the mode that has the most daily interactions on any server. So now we’ll show you which servers are ideal for playing survival games and which versions they support.

3) Stoneland (IP: mc.kriptonpvp.com)

Stoneland Minecraft

We start with Stoneland. This server offers one of the best survival games for Minecraft, as it is set in a medieval era. This way, it fills with energy the spirit of the brave warriors who want to immerse themselves in the popular “kill or be killed”. The main stage has flags from all Spanish-speaking countries, so it is usually a server quite loaded with people from different cultures fighting to be the best survivor.

Something that stands out greatly from Stoneland, is that when you start the survival mode, you start with the inventory almost at zero. That is, you’ll have to gradually collect what you think is necessary to continue the adventure. Are you ready for this?

2) Minecocha (IP: minecochia.net)

Minecocha Minecraft

Next on the list is the Minecocha. This other server also offers a big survival adventure. Everything starts in an almost deserted forest, where you can gather as much wood as possible, and then go for the heavier materials. As you advance, you will be able to discover new things, such as the creation of tents, populated logging areas and big cities to visit. But of course, to get to this point, it is important that you pass several fire tests.

The main feature of the survival of this server is the lighting, which is usually much darker than usual. Besides, it has areas that can be very scary, but at the same time, they are loaded with a lot of adrenaline. Without a doubt, this can be one of the best survival games for Minecraft, as long as you have the spirit of the adventurer inside.

1) Latingamers (IP: play.latingamers.mx)

Latingamers Minecraft

We close with the Latingamers server, which is possibly the best of all when it comes to enjoying a good survival. What makes this server special is that you also start from scratch and you will have to build your way. But it is also one of the few that has so much variety. For example, it has a farm area, the various custom shops and even, what is most striking, the spells, where you can learn to cast magic and spells.

And if something has made this server famous for playing survival games, it is the offline mode (which can be configured for online) of the Hunger Games. There, you will be able to emulate the clamorous movie through Minecraft and with your own avatar. An incredible adventure that you can’t miss.

What versions of Minecraft are supported?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft: