Steps to Create a String in Minecraft

Ingredients Table Minecraft

The fascinating world of Minecraft never ceases to amaze its followers. This video game offers the player the possibility of crafting even the most unthinking of objects such as the ropes used to tie up animals. Making your own rope in Minecraft is a simple matter, but it requires, of course, a series of steps that we will show you below.

If you want to start creating ropes, find out all the information you need here. First of all, take into account that for the manufacture you require indispensable ingredients such as yarn and slimeball, which you must start looking for now to get started. Are you ready to play?

How to get a rope in Minecraft following these steps

Now pay close attention to each of the steps you must follow to know how the strings are made in Minecraft:

Step 1: Get the strings

How to get strings Minecraft

Thread is one of the most important ingredients to make a rope in Minecraft. How do you get it? By destroying the cobwebs you find in the woods. Use a sword, otherwise you won’t get what you’re looking for. Another way to get rope is to kill the spiders themselves.

Step 2: Locate the slimeballs

Slimeballs Minecraft

To get a slimeball you’ll have to kill the slime. They’re located deep in the mines. With the help of a sword you can destroy them. Start hitting again and again until the slime are divided. Then finish them off to get the precious slime, the second ingredient in the krafting of a rope.

Step 3: Place the ingredients in the correct order on the table

Ingredients Table Minecraft

Go to the work table and include four threads and a slimeball in the position shown in the image. This procedure will allow you to obtain two ropes that will be needed to tie and control animals such as pigs or horses.

Usefulness of the ropes

We have already referred to the usefulness that players give to the ropes. And now that you know how to make them, we’ll tell you how you can use them and get the most out of them.

First, you can catch the animal so that you can pull it and make it follow you anywhere.

Additionally, you can use one end of the rope to catch the animal and the other end to tie it to a fence. This way, it will not move anywhere and it will be much easier to control it.

The rope in Minecraft, although it looks like a simple object, is very valuable. It helps to get animals to breed and get more resources: milk and leather to the cow, feathers and eggs to the chickens, wool to the sheep, among many others.

Minecratf has made the bet successfully thanks to versions such as 1.14 and 1.8 available on PS4 for the enjoyment of the player, who will now look to make ropes to help control their own animals.

Which versions of Minecraft are compatible?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

How to Get a Minecraft Mount? – Instructions

Minecraft Mount Trading

Wondering how to get a mount on Minecraft? Of course, who wouldn’t want to ride a horse to do their travels in the medieval style? Well, for starters we told you that you can’t “make” or make a saddle, at least not officially.

Since it’s an object that the game itself generates, it’s possible to find a mount in different special places around the world of Minecraft. In this article we tell you how you can get a mount.

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Minecraft mounts

It’s a nice brown leather chair. It is clear that a saddle is useful to allow us to ride an animal that can carry us loaded while keeping control of the movement.

The most common animal to ride is the horse, but we can also ride a donkey and “tame” it easily. And even a pig, leading him with a fishing rod with a carrot hanging. Funny, isn’t it?

Keys to getting a Minecraft saddle

Game generators

The key is to go and look at the sites where there are spawners. We mention you in a simple list of these places where you can venture and find your own mount.


You must take into account the probability percentages in each search, but do not despair. Trust your adventurous instincts and perseverance will pay off. Plus, here’s how to best get a mount in Minecraft.

Mount Finding Locations

Mounts can be found inside chests in places like:

  • Towns or villages
  • Nether Fortresses. (Underworld)
  • Water
  • Temples in the desert or jungle
  • Dungeons
  • Abandoned mines

Nothing better to locate you in areas than having a map with you.

How to get a mount in Minecraft?


On your expeditions to other villages you might meet a villager who has it for sale for 10 villagers‘ emeralds and get a mount.

It’s a bit expensive, but if you’re willing to pay it and don’t want to waste your time looking elsewhere, it’s a good deal.

Minecraft Mount Trading

Underworld Fortress (Nether)

The highest odds, at 34%, but also one of the riskiest routes, because it’s all about going to Minecraft hell itself. Without a doubt, it’s an expedition full of emotions and surprises, since it’s equally full of rare objects and enemies, among other risks.

To enter the area, you’ll need to have a Portal to the Underworld, which you’ll have to build before your journey. See how to make a portal to the Nether on our page.

Nether Mount Minecraft


All over the game territory you’ll get chests here and there. That’s great because even though the probability for a single chest is only 12%, there are usually several found, increasing your chance of success for each attempt.

Minecraft Chests

Abandoned Mines

In these abandoned mines there are a large number of chests to play with and succeed in.

Attention: In version 1.9, there are no more mounts inside the chests here.

When you go on a dungeon search, the key is to mine a lot. At some point you will find a particular room where there will be Rock and Moldy Rock. (in English, Cobble Stone and mossy cobblestone).

Take a good look, and perhaps fate will reward you with a mount.

Abandoned Mines Minecraft


To get to a temple in the desert, you must first locate yourself in a particular area of the desert: the desert biome.

Since they are deeply buried in the sand, it is necessary to have patience to excavate and reach the secret chamber of the temple. There you will have the opportunity to open 4 chests with a 14% probability that it is the saddle.

Temples Mount Minecraft


It is possible that a saddle can be found during fishing. It has a 26% chance, but it’s something. Ideal for a quiet search without risks or long trips. If you do not want to go on a long expedition, you can always try to fish and your rod could surprise you.

Minecraft Fishing Mount

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How to Make the Portal to the Nether in Minecraft?

How to Make the Portal to the Nether in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to make the portal to the nether in Minecraft? You’ve come to the right place, here we’ll explain in a very simple way how to get past the mysterious and somewhat scary realities of the world of Minecraft.

The truth is that making portals in Minecraft requires a certain level of in-game experience if you decide to use the normal mode rather than the creative one. This is because making portals requires rare materials that require some technique to be extracted and “made” in turn.

Here’s how to make the portal to the Nether in Minecraft.

How to make the portal to Nether

If you have enough courage and curiosity to face the terrors of Minecraft hell, you can read on, because below we’ll give you the steps to build this famous portal.

With a Diamond Spike

There are two main ways to make the portal to nether. One of the most famous includes a diamond spike. This tool is used to obtain “obsidian” the hardest mineral in the game. But how to do it?

Ingredients for diamond pickaxe

(3) Diamond.
(2) Wood. (Stick)

You have to know that to obtain a minimum diamond you require an iron pick, which you must still manufacture following the formula, but using iron, of course.

Do you want to know other ways of getting diamonds? We’ll tell you about them here. Three Methods of finding diamonds in Minecraft.

  • Place the 3 diamonds horizontally in the upper row.
  • Two wooden sticks in the center of the grid.

Obsidian mine

Locate a lava hostel exploring the world. One of the ways to get to the lava is by digging at least between layers 1 – 10.

Get an empty bucket to store the water there and carry it with you to the lava.

When you have the lava in front of you, keep in mind that pouring the water over the lava will turn it into obsidian, as long as it is static like a block of lava. Very important. If it is flowing, it will not become obsidian and you will lose the water!

If you have done it correctly you will have a block of obsidian for every block of lava you pour water into. Do it as many times as you need and the lava will allow you to do it… We recommend making at least 10 blocks of obsidian.

Remember to collect the obsidian by digging with your diamond pick, otherwise you will waste the beautiful mineral created.

Create the portal to the Nether

The way to place the portal is to form a complete frame from the ground, with a 5×4 proportion.

That is, you will have a portal formed by 4 blocks below and above, separated by 5 blocks in height. If you want, you can leave the blocks at the corners of the portal without placing them.

Activate the magic of the portal

To do this you need to have a fire lighter or a lighter. Basically what you need is a fire, so make something burn and throw it inside the portal.

Once it is activated it will have a mystical purple color that will drag you to another dimension just by touching it.

How to Make the Portal to the Nether in Minecraft

Do you dare go into nether? Take a step forward and you’ll see how in a matter of seconds a journey to the other dimension begins.

Since Minecraft is a game that’s all about creativity, there are other ways to create this portal and many others, such as the Diamond Portal or the Portal to the End.

Alternative to create Portal to the Nether

You’ll always need the same thing, but the ways to obtain the raw material, this case, obsidian, change. You can do it without a diamond tip! However, you must build a waterfall with a structure of earth and buckets of water and lava.

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What versions of Minecraft are supported?
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How to Make Potions in Minecraft? – Step by Step

Rare Potion

How do you make Potions in Minecraft? Are you an apprentice magician and seeking the wisdom to master the secrets of alchemy and become a potion master? In Minecraft it is possible to make multiple combinations to prepare special “potions“. These potions are composed of mixtures of materials and are prepared with a special tool known as a Potion Stand.

In our article we explain how to make potions in Minecraft to make you an experienced wizard.

Minecraft Potions

These curious chemicals serve for good or ill. That is, if you drink them, they can produce positive or negative effects according to the recipe you follow for their preparation.

Throwing Potions

They not only affect the player but also other characters and mobs. You can even make some throwing potions by adding some gunpowder as an ingredient.

Of course, it’s best to have a recipe guide to make it much easier.

Steps for making potions in Minecraft

First, we must have some indispensable materials to make our magic.

Creating potion holders

To prepare potions it is essential to have this tool. As a chemical laboratory, this potion stand will hold the bottles with which we will make the mixtures and will make it possible to manufacture them.


(1) Blaze rod.

(3) Paving stone.

Creating Potion Holders

Create glass jars


3 Normal glass

Create glass jars

Blaze dust:

You need only your blaze stick. You place it in the center of the manufacturing table and that’s it.

Blaze dust

Underworld Wart

To find her, you must travel to the fortresses of nether. Enter here to find out how to make the portal.

Underworld Wart

Making potions in Minecraft

Prepare Rare Potion

Once you have all the chemical equipment ready, you can start assembling the bottles that will serve to contain the powerful concoctions of the future. Follow these steps to begin your magical journey.

  • Place your potion holder in your favorite spot in the lab and open it.
  • Fill each crystal bottle with water and place them in the bottom slots of the machine. As you can see in the picture below.

Rare Potion

  • Put enough Blaze Powder in the upper left corner, as this will boost the magic power.
  • Carefully take Nether’s wart and place it on top of the machine.


Your rare potions are ready. The bottles of water are now called “Rare Potion“. This is the base for practically all other potions. Therefore, every time you want to make a potion with either positive or negative effects, you will have to have some Rare Potion on hand.


If you want to get started in Minecraft’s sorcery we recommend that you do your best to keep them in useful reserve.

Make various potions:

Now you know how magic works. As with all Minecraft, it’s all about getting the specific ingredients and following the recipe formula. Making potions follows the same rule.

Make various potions

Basic Formula

Almost all potions have the same base and are prepared in the same way: Rare potion + blaze powder + special ingredient. What varies is the “special” ingredient that will give effect to our brew.


In some cases, specialized potions are combined to make others more powerful or with different effects. Such is the case with the invisibility potion.

In this particular case, the Night Vision potion is used, with the addition of a fragmented spider’s eye.

Prepare Speed potion:

Rare potion + blaze powder + special sugar ingredient

The result, in our hands our first special potion. Its effects are “positive” as they provide us with an increased attribute: 20% speed.

How to have Night Vision:

Place a Rare potion on your magic shelf and add the special ingredient, Golden Carrot, plus the vital Blaze Powder.

As a result, your night vision potion is ready to use and defeat any mob in the thickest darkness.

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Keys To Make Your Own Minecraft Fence

Make Minecraft Fence

The fences are some of the best creations in Minecraft today. They are an effective security system that helps keep your territory safe from enemies and unknown animals within this popular game. Today there are two types: normal fences and fence gates. And now we’re going to show you how to make them so you can protect your precious creations.

To learn step by step how to make your own fence in Minecraft check out this article. You’ll find useful and detailed information for effective and diligent fencing, although the process can be long and, why not, a little tedious. This way you can delimit the area, keep out any creatures and keep track of your own animals and plantations.

Steps to make a fence

Make Minecraft Fence

Making a wooden fence in Minecraft requires the mandatory fulfillment of three steps. They are simple and super useful, so check out the recommendations below to get started.

Step 1: Six wooden boards

You will place a block of wood right in the manufacturing window. Each block guarantees four wooden boards. Try as many times as necessary to achieve the amount of wood you require for the creation of the fence. Use four boards to make the fence and the other two to make the branches.

Step 2: Create two wooden posts

The second step consists of placing two wooden boards inside the manufacturing window. But it has to be one on top of the other. Otherwise, it won’t work. Through this procedure, you will get four wooden branches.

Step 3: Combine boards and branches

Now, since you have the branches and boards available, you should go back to the aforementioned manufacturing window. The creation of fences requires the perfect placement of the items. The two branches go in the middle, while the boards go on both sides. The boards must cover the same line as the branches so that you can finally get three pieces of fence.

You will have to repeat the process as many times as necessary until you get all the pieces that help protect your property.

Making a wooden door

Congratulations! You have your fences ready, but there’s one more thing to do: the wooden doors. They are indispensable for getting in and out, although they also require a similar manufacturing process as fences.

First of all you will follow the same steps for the manufacturing of the branches and the boards. Now, put the boards right in the center of the manufacturing window and the branches on both sides. Ready! You will have the wooden door you need to complete your own security system.

There’s something important you need to know, too. The method of construction varies. You can build on grass or on stone. In fact, it’s allowed to make fences diagonally.

Of course, you can do this in any of the available versions of Minecraft. Either version 1.8.1 or, but also versions 1.10 and 1.7.2.

Which versions of Minecraft are supported?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

3 Methods of Finding Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft are super valuable items. So much so that they are the source of many objects of indispensable use within the video game such as tools, weapons, spell tables and armor. That’s why no gamer can resist the idea of locating them and through this guide we’ll tell you how to do it.

Do you want to find diamonds in Minecraft? Well, here you will get all the information you need to find them. Bear in mind that they are quite scarce and therefore difficult to locate. That’s why we recommend you to be very patient and willing to start the procedure as soon as possible.

Discover the diamonds

Diamonds Minecraft

There are three methods you can use to find diamonds during the course of this video game available for Xbox 360 and PS4. The mechanisms we’re going to show you are designed to get as many of these stones as possible, although of course it’s quite complex.

First method: The chests

Yes, it’s true, it’s mining, but what do you think? You can find diamonds even inside the chests that cross your path. They’re in dungeons, villages, fortresses, mines, desert or the jungle. The chances of finding diamonds in chests are slim, but of course try as many times as you need to.

Second method: They are in plain sight

There is no doubt that this is one of the gamers’ favourite methods because it involves adventures without limits. If you choose this mode you can get into any of the holes, and fight against spiders, zombies and skeletons. It also involves exploring cracks and caves until you finally reach the precious Layer 16.

To live this adventure you will need to carry supplies. So you’ll need to bring good full-size iron armor, torches and food.

Third Method: Mining Reticle

It is specially designed for quieter players. Yes, it’s all about chopping up large plots of land in search of diamonds in Minecraft in complete calm. To carry out this process successfully, take into consideration the following elements:

  • Make a pit up to layer number 11. Avoid making the pit near your house, otherwise you’ll have to remove much more stone.
  • When you get right down to layer 11, make your own mining base. You must bring in a bed, an oven, a workbench and storage.
  • It creates a grid of corridors with mining prospecting. In each corridor you will have to make a single entrance, all in a cardinal direction.
  • We have already referred to the fact that diamonds in Minecraft are scarce, so you can find them in grid one. You’ll always look for ways to keep digging to find many more.

What you should know

All about diamonds Minecraft

There are a number of myths about Minecraft diamonds that you should know about. One of them is that these precious stones are found near lava. Well, there’s nothing less true than that.

The lava is in layers 4 and 10, while the diamonds could start appearing between 11 and 12. In conclusion, don’t follow the lava because you’ll never find what you’re looking for.

Now tell us if you dare to explore and find the diamonds you’re looking for within the fascinating world of Minecraft.

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Make Your Own Bed in Minecraft Following 5 Simple Steps

Minecraft Bed

There’s no doubt that the bed is one of the most important elements in Minecraft and today we’re going to show you how to make one for yourself. The procedure is super simple and to achieve it you will have to follow 5 simple steps.

To make a bed in Minecraft you will need indispensable ingredients such as wool and wood. But also pay close attention to this guide that sets the parameters for effective mapping. Now tell us: Are you ready to play?

How to make a bed in Minecraft?

Minecraft Bed

A bed in Minecraft has definitely become a very valuable object because it helps you survive the nights of great danger. Crafting starts right after you’ve found a place to settle down and built your own house. If you want to start doing the work, take a look at this guide:

Step 1: Cut down trees to make planks

You’ll need to make planks. How? By cutting down trees with an axe or with your fists. Then go to the manufacturing window and place them in any of the free places available for block creation.

Step 2: Put wool in the manufacturing window

The second step is to place three pieces of wool in the manufacturing window. The correct shape to place is 3 x 3 right in the center of the table.

But do you already know how to get wool? One simple way is to kill sheep, although it is more effective to shear them because it produces more material. To shear you will need a shear, which you can crush with two iron ingots.

Step 3: Place the boards in the right position

You will then have to place three wooden planks in the lower area of the manufacturing window.

Step 4: Place the bed in the inventory

Once you have your bed ready, click on it and place it into your inventory, also known as the quick access bar. To change the color of the bed is to install a specially designed MOD.

Step 5: Put the bed where you want it

The bed will be located where you want it or where you feel safer, so you can sleep peacefully.

Why is a bed important in Minecraft?

Minecraft 2 Beds

When you sleep in your own bed you will generate a starting point that experts have called a spawner. This means that if you die, you’ll reappear right there when you come back to life.

Keep in mind that at night the world of Minecraft is extremely dangerous. Dangerous creatures lurk there that could do a lot of damage to the gamer, as they move around unrestrainedly in all sectors.

Making a bed will allow the player to spend the night in a fraction of a second. To achieve this, a right click on the bed is required and then the character goes into a deep sleep to wake up the next day.

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How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

How to have an oven in Minecraft

Making Smooth Stone in Minecraft is one of the simplest and most useful recipes. Of course, in this game, which is characterized by the infinite manufacturing or krafting of the objects available, it is normal to wonder how to get to know each of the materials more easily.

To begin with, the Smooth Stone is derived from common baked stone. It is characterized by its “softness”, ideal for decorations in our buildings. Whether it is your home or a smooth stone construction, as well as the manufacture of other materials.

Smooth Stone Minecraft

How to make smooth stone Step by step

Here’s all you need to know to get smooth stone in your pixel hands.

Step 1: Gather basic materials

Before you start writing you need these minimum resources. The cobblestone is the basic ingredient of the stone needed to make smooth stone.

  • Oven.
  • Paving stone.
  • Fuel.

Cobblestone Minecraft

How to have an oven?

To get an oven, you need to have eight paving stones and your elaboration table to create it.

How to have an oven in Minecraft

Step 2: Bake the paving stone

  • Take out the manufactured oven and put it in a comfortable place to start cooking.
  • Take the combustible material, in this case, coal, and put it in the lower part of the oven.
  • Put a paving stone on the top of your oven and let the oven do its job with care. You’ll see that you’ll have no common stone to order to continue the process.
  • Place the amount of paving stone you consider necessary to make as many stones as you need later. Consider having enough fuel.

Step 3: Bake the common stone

You are already very close to having smooth stone, with the simple baking of the common stone you will have it before your eyes. To do this, simply place the regular stone on top of your oven and watch it burn until your Smooth Stone is created.

Other ways to get Smooth Stone


You can charm your peak with a touch of silk to achieve normal or common stone in all your mining expeditions in mountains, caves, etc.


You can venture out on the map to explore towns or villages and find Smooth Stone. All you have to do is enter the houses of the villagers, and look for your treasure there. There are even masonry chests that hold this stuff.

What is the use of the Smooth Stone


Of course, just like in reality, the stones are great for making perfect Soft Stone slabs that will serve as decoration for your spaces in Minecraft.

And how do you do that?

All you need is your manufacturing board.

Open and place three smooth stones together at the bottom of the boxes to make your own soft stone slabs.

Each time you make the craft you’ll get about six (6) stone slabs.

Blast Furnace

Soft Stone is one of the materials needed to create a Blast Furnace. So, if you want to make your mineral castings faster like a professional, one of these will be perfect for you. (It does its job twice as fast as the normal oven).

If you agree, we recommend you reserve Smooth Stones for this.

  • You will only need about 3 stones of this type.
  • 5 iron ingots.
  • 1 normal oven.

Blast Furnace Minecraft

Here is a pack and skins that will be great if you want to take advantage of visually modifying the game’s textures and your appearance for a memorable customization experience.

What versions of Minecraft are supported?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

How to Make a Map in Minecraft?

Create compass minecraft

How to make a map in Minecraft? This is a perfect tool if you have an adventurous heart and want to keep track of your explored areas. So every time you’ve traveled through areas in search of treasure or simply traces of unknown villages, it will help you keep track of the world of Minecraft.

Map for Minecraft

How do I create a map?

It’s easy to create, you just need to have some basic objects and your faithful work tools: the manufacturing table and a very hot oven, because to get those that are going to serve us to do it you have to crafty a little.


  • Oven.
  • Crafting table.

Basic ingredients

  • Sugar cane.
  • Iron ore.
  • Red stone.

Recipe for mapping

  • (9) Sheets of paper.
  • (1) Compass.

Note: The compass is not required for Beta Windows 10, only the sheets of paper.

Steps to make a map in Minecraft

Search for materials

The first and indispensable thing is to look for the materials for the manufacture or crafting and of course, the already mentioned manufacturing table and the oven.

  • Sugar cane: to get hold of it, explore near water sources. You will see some green branches growing on the grass, take 9 of these.
  • Iron ore: Go mine with a pickaxe, even if it’s wooden, in this case it will work. It looks like a “grey block” but with orange spots. Mine at least 4 iron ores.
  • Red stone: Not so easy, but not impossible. Dig down to at least layer 16 of the ground and get hold of one. It’s a gray rock with bright red spots. You only need 1 pile.
  • Fuel: You can use any kind of material that is suitable for fire. To do this, take 4 blocks of wood, regular charcoal or charcoal.

Baking iron

  • Open your oven by clicking on it.
  • Place your iron ores and place them in the upper part of the oven with the fuel in the lower boxes (3rd row). Your oven will burn and you will have iron bars ready in no time.
  • Remove the bars to an empty space in your inventory to finish the process.

Create compass

  • Go to your manufacturing table, click to open it.
  • Take the “red stone” pile from your inventory and place it in the center of the manufacturing table.
  • Now take the iron bars above, below and on either side of the red stone as a cross. They will all be in the center of the remaining boxes. (top, bottom, left and right).
  • Take the made compass and put it in a space in your inventory to complete the fabrication.

Create compass minecraft

Make sheets

  • We continue with the manufacturing, taking the sugar canes before they are harvested and placing them in the following way: (3) sugar canes in each lower box: the left, lower central and lower right.
  • Take the resulting paper and take it to the inventory.

Make Sheets Minecraft

Create the map

Finally, time to do it! It’s just a matter of assembling the materials you’ve already made. Put the compass in the center of the grid and around it each of the sheets of paper until all the boxes are filled. (8 sheets of paper).

Create the map

The result will be the expected map, looking like a vintage yellow sheet. To finish everything, move it from the manufacturing box to the interior of your inventory.

Which versions of Minecraft are compatible?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft: